Seventeen hundred years ago, Augustine wrote:
“Human law cannot punish or forbid all evil deeds: since while aiming at doing away with all evil deeds, it would do away with many good things, and would hinder the advance of the common good, which is necessary for human intercourse. In order, therefore, that no evil might remain unforbidden or unpunished, it is necessary for the divine law to supervene, whereby all sin is forbidden.” (Augustin; De Lib. Arb. i. 5, 6).

The founding Fathers of this Country found this truth to be self-evident when they wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence. Unfortunately, with the increased secularization of society, we have forgotten this true principle and have turned to government to control all evil, and in the process, we are reaping the natural consequence of stifling the common good.

Obedience to divine law is the course to freedom and prosperity, not micromanaging personal life through a myriad of rules and regulations.

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