Readers who’ve experienced the challenges of life’s Emotional Black Holes (i.e. addictions to alcohol or drugs, loneliness, despair) respond with their own testimonials applauding the powerful impact of Grant Hallstrom’s uplifting message of healing and grace.

“. . . this book shows without a doubt that there is hope for those who have fallen through the black holes it describes.”

– Susie J. Weber

“The author has written a moving and thought provoking account of his own journey from his own “black hole”. By using this book as a guide, you will see that you are not alone in the journey; and will glean helpful ideas for yourself or others.”

– Lauri Crumley Coates

“The principles I’ve learned through reading this wonderful work have helped me have a renewed enthusiasm in my life . . . “

– Scott Moody

Emotional Black Holes manages to suck me in like a ‘vacuum.’ . . . This book gives me the right amount of reassurance that I strive for.”

– Amalia Peña

“The principles shared from Mr. Hallstrom’s uniquely religious yet open-minded perspective have meaningful application in my own life . . .”

–Lance McKinlay

“By humbly sharing the sometimes very personal anecdotes from his own life as well as his powerful testimony of God’s healing grace, Grant Hallstrom turns each page into a personal conversation–many times I felt as if the words on the page were meant just for me, right at that moment.”

– Rebecca Whitehead

“This is one book that stayed with me long after I finished turning the last page.”

– Seta Mergeanian

Emotional Black Holes
A Collection of Inspiring Essays.
God is love, and because we all have a spark of His divinity in us, we have a strong core need to love and to be loved. However, because we are born into an imperfect world, all of us have been disappointed by others we depended on for love. This betrayal creates an emotional black hole at the center of our personal universe that sucks us down into a life of loneliness, frustration and pain.
How do we escape the gravity of our emotional black holes? Can we really become free to love and enjoy life? As Mr. Hallstrom shares the life lessons he has learned from a variety of intriguing and often difficult experiences, you may discover a path of healing that leads to freedom and happiness.
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