Emotional Black Holes Book
How do we escape the gravity of our emotional black holes?

Can we really become free to love and enjoy life?

We are all trying to fill our emotional emptiness with things that are destructive, from drugs to an excess of even good and necessary things such as food, work, exercise, and yes, even religion. These temporary distractions do not avoid the devastation that awaits us while we continue to be drawn down even deeper into our own personal emotional black hole.
There is hope.
There is a way to heal the wounds. Emotional Black Holes is one author’s very personal experience and invitation to step, as he did, out of the emotional blackness of deep and painful holes that snuff out life, and instead move forward towards the light and a life of fulfillment, love and joy that we were all meant to experience.
“While I struggled during a personal crisis, God reached down and touched my heart and healed my soul. He freed me to love others without the fear of rejection. I no longer felt the need to prove myself. I was free at last.”

–Grant J. Hallstrom, Esq.