God offers us grace because he loves us, not because of our worthiness.

We are all mixed bags and fall short in some respect. Consequently, we all are dependent on the goodwill and grace of God and others. Without grace we have no hope, and without hope we have no joy. None of us deserve grace. The vilest sinner in the depth of despair has as much right to grace as the holiest saint, and they each desperately need it or they will live a miserable existence. God offers His grace to us because He loves us, not because of our worthiness. However, we must be willing to open our whole heart to Him in order to fully accept His gift of grace. If we love anything more than God, we will not have room in our heart to receive all of the love that he offers us. The great test of our acceptance of God’s grace is our willingness to extend the same grace He offers us to those who offend us. As we allow God to empower us to forgive others, he miraculously heals our soul in the process, setting us free to enjoy loving relationships and the wonders of eternity.
receive grace
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