The essence of God is love, light, truth and goodness.

The essence of God is love, light, truth and goodness. This essence is in all things, quickens all things, is the force that governs all things, gives life to living things, and is the light or intelligence of man. Christ bore the weight of all of the hurt and wrong throughout the history of the world. Christ had a choice to make. He could have escaped this excruciating pain cause by our sins and His agonizing death on the cross, but instead he stayed true to the essence of his divine nature and chose to remain unified with love and compassion while suffering incomprehensible anguish caused by all of us, the very individuals He had compassion for while suffering through this ordeal. His continued unity with the essence of God (love, truth & goodness) while descending below all things makes all things subject to Him, partially because all things have a portion of this essence or intelligence in them. God is all powerful because He is all loving.

You are a child of God with a spark of his divinity within you. The only thing that can actually fill our emotional black holes created by a lack of love is God, whose essence is love. Consequently, we need to turn to that spark of divinity inside us, nurture it, and respond to its promptings. As we do this, we will connect with God, other people and the universe.

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