We generally feel that we are vulnerable due to our weaknesses, but in actuality, we are more likely to error by taking our strengths too far. A mild-manner person needs to be on guard to not become a doormat. A dynamic leader needs to be careful not to become a tyrant. An intelligent individual is at risk of becoming a know-it-all. This principle applies to all of our strengths. Satan finds it much easier to entice us to over-emphasize our strengths than to tempt us where we feel we are weak and on guard.

When we rely too heavily on our strong points, pride sets in as we begin to identify with that characteristic and become more out of balance and one-dimensional. Our perspective changes and we become more narrow-minded. The longer we proceed down this path the more we alienate other people and become more isolated. Eventually, our strengths can destroy us without us even batting an eye. Beware of your strengths.

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