Readers who’ve experienced the challenges of life’s Emotional Black Holes (i.e. addictions to alcohol or drugs, lonliness, despair) respond with their own testimonials applauding the powerful impact of Grant Hallstrom’s uplifting message of healing and grace.


What an introduction! From celebrity rehab to third-grade elementary students shooting their parents in cold blood—come on, how could I relate to this, right? Well, surprisingly I could. “Emotional Black Holes” manages to suck me in like a “vacuum.” Well done Mr. Hallstrom, I liked how this book touches on all kinds of subjects. Like many, I have an endless amount of problems. It’s become a regular routine, feeling hurt, hate, revengeful and alone. From falling into bad addictions to falling out of great friendships, feeling drunk, exhausted, and emotionally unstable. I blamed myself and questioned God, never blamed Him and never will. This book gives me the right amount of reassurance that I strive for. I know I have a purpose and this book justifies that, and I know God loves me even if I am a beautiful disaster.

With an endless amount of gratitude and faith,

Amalia P. - 21 yrs.

Despite their destructive and seemingly ubiquitous nature, emotional black holes, as described by Mr. Hallstrom, often go unnoticed. Mr. Hallstrom strings together a series of essays like so many pearls, exposing the root cause of many of life’s challenges and offering profound advice for overcoming them. The principles shared from Mr. Hallstrom’s uniquely religious yet open-minded perspective have meaningful application in my own life, and are certain to help many other readers as well.

Lance M. – 39 yrs.

From the devoted church-goer to the religion neophyte, Emotional Black Holes brings something to the table for everyone. By humbly sharing the sometimes very personal anecdotes from his own life as well as his powerful testimony of God's healing grace, Grant Hallstrom turns each page into a personal conversation--many times I felt as if the words on the page were meant just for me, right at that moment. At a time when the crushing load of life seemed too much to bear, this book helped me remember that not only do I not have to do it alone -- I can't! Chapter after chapter, Emotional Black Holes reaffirms the good news that despite the emptiness all of us feel sometimes (or, for me, quite often), we can find comfort knowing that not only does God want to heal us from the pain, He will stop at nothing to bring us closer into a personal relationship with Him. While I began the book wondering what green Jello had to do with Jesus, I closed the back cover with an enlightened perspective toward God's healing power in my life and in my relationships. Just as I couldn't wait for my husband to read it, you will not be able to finish this book without thinking of someone who needs to read it as much as you did.

Rebecca W. – 22 yrs.

We all go through life’s challenges, and we find ourselves at crossroads. We live by the rules, we accomplish so much, yet we feel that void. That missing something. We need our peace within. For me, it couldn’t have been a better timing. This is one book that stayed with me long after I finished turning the last page. Food for my mind and soul, it was the revelation that I never thought I could get in such a small paperback, with each chapter’s profound and precise messages. The author’s experiences from his early childhood through his trials of life and how he found his own peace, makes a powerful impact on the reader. The transformation and triumph of the human spirit is evident in this amazing read. 

You don’t need to look elsewhere for answers, “Emotional Black Holes” is the answer. 

Seta M. - 53 yrs.