Emotional black holes impact the lives of at least five people you know. Individuals seek to fill their emotional emptiness with everything from drug abuse to an excess of even so called good things, like work, exercise, and yes, even religion. These temporary distractions do not avoid the devastation that awaits us while we continue to be drawn even faster into deeper emotional black holes. There is hope. There is a way to heal the wounds. Emotional Black Holes is one author’s very personal experience and invitation to step, as he did, out of the emotional blackness of deep and painful holes that snuff out life and move back towards the light and a life of fulfillment, love and joy that we were all meant to experience.


Send a Book to Jail


Author Grant Hallstrom is taking his message to prisons across the United States.   He was very inspired by a recent speaking engagement at Utah State Penitentiary, when every single in-mate attending his speaking engagement showed up with a copy of Emotional Black Holes tucked under his arm.    The encounter with these men, the majority of whom society has mostly written off as irredeemable, was nothing like he expected.   “Instead of the hardened distorted souls I expected to meet me with bullying and rejection, I was met instead with an inquisitive grace.  The honor of their solemn acceptance of the message and their incredible stories of redemption and transformation gave ME hope, and built MY faith!   I went to heal and found healing.”     

Now, Grant wants to share his message of hope and his book, Emotional Black Holes, with the community of those sentenced to live behind bars.  You can help share in this ministry.   For every donation of ten dollars, Clearstone Publishing will send a book to jail.  Just fill in the number of books you want to donate in the Quantity box.   There is no limit.   If you’d like to contribute 1 book or 100 books, enter the quantity you’d like to send and we will bill your tax deductible donation to your credit card.  Remember, emotional black holes touch all of us.  Men and women behind bars may very well constitute society’s greatest authorities on the subject of what Hallstrom speaks.  They can tell you how desperate efforts to escape a life – bereft of hope, became a life filled with abuses and behavior patterns that whirled into a macabre downward spiral. Right now, like a slowing waning candle, there is a life extinguishing in the agony of fear, or hopelessness, and regrets in a place where there is no second chance or forgiveness.    We thank you for your donation and joining us in our quest to “Send A Book To Jail” with Mr. Hallstrom’s  message that there is meaning, forgiveness and redemption for every man and every woman.  No matter who.  No matter where.   There IS hope.   

If you would like to order copies of Emotional Black Holes, please feel free to contact us.