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Emotional Black Holes are the inner wounds and suffering we try to snuff out through all sorts of self destructive practices. Some seek to quiet the heart’s cry for help through any of a given manner of excess – whether it be drugs, alcohol, pornography, violence, gambling, illicit affairs, crime and illicit schemes, gluttony, or material pursuits. Sometimes even socially perceived good practices, such as exercise, work, or religion, when practiced in excess, are in truth a desperate attempt to escape the gaping black holes that are too painful to bear. Step through the doors of these free excerpt pages and sample some of author Grant Hallstrom’s personal and true journey of his escape from his own emotional black holes.

(Lives that once whispered the promise of light, love and hope often get devoured by emotional black holes so abhorrent, they defy explanation.  Read how one author escaped.)

CH 1. Emotional Black Holes
  (Fears, disappointments,  imperfections and deficiencies birthed in early life  impact us on a deep subconscious level.)

CH 2. The Lord’s Healing Touch
  (My healing began with holding back no sacred cows.)

CH 3. The Infinite Atonement
  (The atonement applies to your internal turmoil.)

CH 4. Motivated by Love, Confirmed by Covenant
   (An eternal principal to follow.)

CH 5. An Earthly Symbol for a Spiritual Reality
  (Being completely honest with oneself is one of the most difficult tasks one faces, if we are to conquer our personal challenges.)

CH 6. At One With God
  (Our very nature needs to be converted.   But how?)

CH 7. Marital Discord
  (What fears are you blaming on your spouse?)

CH 8. Polished Stones
  (Like beautiful polished stones, this process does not take place overnight.)  

CH 9. Making Jello
  (Turning up the heat.  Why should I even try?)

CH 10. Suffering
  (Have you ever been furious with God?)

CH 11. Tempted Beyond What Ye Can Bear
  (There is a way to escape the turmoil of temptation.)

CH 12. Prayer is the Key
  (The combination that unlocks the treasure chest of heaven.)
CH 13. Lust
  (Friendly fires that exceed the borders cause destruction and devastation.)

CH 14. We Are What We Think
  (As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.)
CH 15. Depression
  (The emotional shutdown that saps our will to move forward, or to move at all.)

CH 16. Your Flight is Cancelled

(Trusting the One Whose ways are higher than ours.)

CH 17. Control Freak
  (Who's driving anyway?) 

CH 18. Sacrifice the Need for Validation
  (Filling the void that pain and neglect left behind.)

CH 19. Einstein and Soybeans

(The greater our emotional deficiency, the greater our self delusions.) 

CH 20. Balance in Life
  (Too much or not enough.  The sometimes dysfunctional dance of life.)

CH 21. Happiness Comes From Within
  (Finding satisfaction in a material world.)

CH 22. Our Misguided Quest For Eden
  (The way to easy street turns out to be a dead end street.)  

CH 23. Our Choices in Life's Garden
  (Escaping the Rule set.)

CH 24. Using Religion to Placate our Conscience
  (Straining at the gnat while swallowing a camel.)
CH 25. Hope: The Enbabling Power of Grace
  (It is by grace that we are saved, and not by works, lest any man should boast.)
CH 26. The Blood Atonement
  (The weight of guilt lifted off your shoulders.)

CH 27. The Light of Christ
  (Finding and joining the source of all light and truth.)

CH 28. You Are Invited
  (Are you starving in the banquet of life?  Come join the feast.)